Teacher of the Week – Mark Buteyn our Administrator and Teacher

Mark Buteyn I have spent my entire professional career at Central Wisconsin Christian. While at Calvin College, obtaining a degree in education with a history major, I vowed to not return to Waupun. God had different plans and called me to not only teach in the school in which I was educated but now to the role of administrator.
Though my commitments to CWC consume much of my time, I am in constant gratitude with the family with which I am blessed. Dianne and I are blessed with three children and 4+ grandchildren. When we are not involved with the work at CWC we are enjoying our family or traveling to some of our favorite destinations. God reminds us daily of His faithfulness as He sustains us in our work and in our family lives.

Teacher of the Week – Mark Vander Werff our PE, Woods, and Metals/Building Trades Teacher

Mark Vander WerffI am in my 12th year of teaching at CWC.  I teach High School Physical Education,        High School Woods Class, and High School Metals/Building Trades.  I am also the High School Girls’ Athletic Director as well as the Middle School Athletic Director.  It is a pleasure to be able to teach a wide range of students each day.  I get the opportunity to teach and influence students outside the “normal” classroom setting.  I enjoy the fact that in my Woods and Metals class I work with students in a hands on area that for many of my students leads them directly into their chosen career after graduation.

I grew up in the area and attended RCS through 8th grade and graduated from CWC in 1995 and then went to Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights IL.  I am married to Becky, also a 1995 CWC graduate and CWC teacher starting in 2013-14, and we have 3 children who all attend CWC.  Maxwell is 4th grader, KK is a 2nd grader, and Josie is in 4K.
I am thankful for the opportunities each and everyday to influence the students that walk into my classrooms.  Teaching them to glorify God and serve in His world.

Teacher of the Week – Adrea Daane – 3/4 K Teacher

2013-04-04 08.26.44I’m currently in my 6th year of teaching here at CWC in the 4K Kingdom Kids program. We also added a 3K class last year which I’m loving as it adds both new challenges and blessings for m…e daily. I’ve also had the chance to teach some of the elementary P.E. classes throughout the past 5 years as well. Teaching P.E. has always been fun as it gives me a chance to keep in contact with the older grades I’ve taught in the past. I grew up here in Waupun and although I lived in Iowa for a brief 3 years while attending Dordt my husband and I came back to the area and are very excited to have the opportunity to stay close to family. We have one daughter, Madelynn who just had her first birthday and are expecting our second in just a few short weeks in May.

TRIP Works for CWC!

I have been the TRIP coordinator for the past 5 years at CWC. TRIP stands for Tuition Reduction Incentive Program. If you’re not familiar with it, this is how TRIP works: TRIP buys gift cards at a discount and sells them to you at face value. The discount then gets applied back to your tuition account, reducing the cost for your family to attend CWC. A portion of the discount also goes to Parents In Action (PIA) which uses the funds for various school projects. Gift cards are available from tons of different retailers and service providers both locally and nationally. If you buy gas, groceries, or go out to eat, or shop for clothing, you can earn tuition dollars and benefit CWC at the same time!2013-03-21 13.15.47
Anyone can use the program. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, and even those without any family attending CWC can use TRIP. Discount earnings can be directed to be used for any current or future family, your church’s tuition fund, or even CWC’s Tuition Assistance Fund. No matter where the funds are directed, the whole school benefits!
We have just had our largest payout ever with the TRIP program! It truly is humbling how God uses a simple program to help our families continue to send their children to CWC. It was at the last society meeting when we announced that we had earned $100,000 last school year with TRIP. I thought we would continue to earn about the same, but God had other plans! We almost doubled last year’s total – $170,000 for this year!
The average participating family earned $700 this last year. I know a certain family that uses the program extensively, and they earn enough to cover about 20% of their tuition. One huge help is the current 10% discount for gas. Citgo, BP, and Kwik Trip gift cards have all been a large part of our earnings this past year.
Like any successful venture at CWC, we have a great group of volunteers who continue to make this program great! Some put in hours every week, some every other week. We have grandparents that give of their time to help with handing orders out. We try to have a good time and our volunteers usually sign up to return to help the program year after year!
I would like to give 3 challenges to the entire CWC family for the upcoming year:
1) Those families that are graduating out this year please continue to use the TRIP program. You can help out a future family, current family, or just give to the Tuition Assistance Fund.
2) I challenge the current users to keep an eye on the SCRIPNOW retailers. There are more added each week, making it easier for you to order on the fly with Presto pay.

3) I challenge all non-users to start – what are you waiting for? Ask a family that uses it how it works.

Questions? Call me at 920-296-8449 – I’d love to help!

Kim Greenfield


Teacher of the Week – Kari Westover – Kindergarten Aide

2013-03-07 11.45.39I was so excited to be hired this year as the Teacher’s Aide for the Kindergarten class. I enjoy every minute of my “work”, if you can call it that, working with so many fun ki…ds and for Mrs. Z are one of the highlights of my day! Before starting this year I was a stay at home mom and also a Day Care provider, before that I worked as a Veterinary Assistant in Randolph for 12 years. I love both kids and animals! I also love crafting, spending time with my family, baking, reading, taking pictures, and going for walks. I love being at CWC and am thankful for the opportunity to work with SO many amazing people.

1:1 iPad Initiative

Picture1CWC 1:1 iPad Initiative

It is important for CWC to continually review technology and improve the tools and methods for teaching students today and into the future.  This school year, for example, 40 iPads were purchased for use in the elementary grades.  Teachers and students have been able to improve aspects of the classroom through the use of the iPads.  In fact, learning with this technology has not only improved, but is often more fun and interesting for the students.

Many of you have heard of the 1:1 Initiative at CWC.  A committee is currently evaluating application of iPad technology for the Middle and High School.  The goal of the 1:1 initiative is to implement an economically viable technology program for CWC that equips teachers and students with iPads and effectively enhances teaching and learning.  A few committees have been involved in identifying several items that need to be in place for a successful program, including reviewing the technology and wireless infrastructure, policies and procedures, costs and practical approaches to financing, and implementation and training programs.  This is not a small task, but other schools have successfully rolled out 1:1 programs before us.  There are very good templates and examples for us to consider in developing the best program and policies for CWC.

Technology is always changing and this presents challenges and opportunities for education.  We are excited about the opportunities with a 1:1 program.  There is a lot to do and it is important to do it right.  Things are starting to come together, and more details on the initiative will be provided over the next couple of months.

Teacher of the Week

2013-03-07 08.36.37


Stacey Smies Middle School Math and Bible Teacher

I’m in my 4th year of teaching at CWC. Before that I taught for 8 years at Zillah Middle School in the state of Washington. I taught Special Education for 5 years, which included math, reading, and writing classes. My last 3 years at ZMS were spent teaching math. Here at CWC, I teach math and Bible. I really appreciate the opportunity to teach both of these courses.

I grew up in Edgerton, MN and attended SW MN Christian HS. I went to Dordt College where I met Russ. We have three children: Ada (8) in 2nd grade, Sophia (6) in Kindergarten, and Cora (7 mos). The older girls are enrolled at CWC and love their teachers and classmates. I believe having children has given me the ability to make connections between God’s love, guidance and discipline for us, his children, more natural for students in my classroom.

Teacher of the Week – Rhonda Schouten our Guidance Counselor, Accounting & Computer Teacher

2013-01-31 08.44.23I have been teaching at Central Wisconsin Christian since 1993. I began as the business and computer teacher, and continue to teach accounting and computer courses, but have added psychology and 4K-12 School Counselor.  I graduated with a business degree and psychology minor from Dordt College, and o…btained her masters in School Counseling from UW Oshkosh.  I have also coached high school volleyball and continue to help out the volleyball program at camps, scoring books and the junior high program.  I think the thing I enjoy the most about my job is the variety of things that I’m involved in. I get to interact with students from all levels in many different ways.  After moving here I married Brad Schouten, a CWC alumni, and have been blessed with 3 children, Josh and Jolie who both attend CWC, and Jenna who will be joining the CWC family next year in 4K.  It is through having kids grow through Christian education, I really get to see the blessing that CWC has to offer. I have seen many changes that God has blessed CWC with. When I began teaching CWC was just a two hallway building and now has grown to a multi-level school. This allows me as the counselor to have more contact with students from all levels easier.  I have enjoyed the changes that have taken place in the technology classes in which I teach. I am excited about what the future of the technology classes may include.  Although technology and psychology seem like a different combination, I really enjoy the variety. In Psychology, I love talking to seniors about how we as humans behave. It is in this class we see the amazing creatures God has made us to be.  Finally, I also enjoy working with seniors and their plans for after high school, but find this a growing challenge each year. Outside of school, I enjoy family time, whether that is following my kids different activities, or quiet nights at home. I also enjoy scrapbooking and visiting family.

Vision 2015 at CWC

Vision 2015

Nearly 18 months ago, the CWC board created and adopted a vision plan that would be the basis for our work for the next 3 years.   As a board, we recognized that we had a really good school.  However, we also recognized that it can be dangerous to sit back and be satisfied with our current state.  One of our mottos that we have used in the board room is “Good is the enemy of Great”.  In addition, we wanted to be pro-active in our decisions so that we were not having to make difficult decisions in the future.

The Vision 2015 plan is comprised of nearly 20 initiatives that touch every area of our school.  These initiatives or projects are designed to improve our Advancement, Athletics, Building & Grounds, Curriculum & Instruction, Finance, Technology and Transportation.  Some of the initiatives that were completed this school year include the hiring of an Advancement Assistant, a new custom website, iPads in the elementary, bussing to Ripon / Fond du Lac and a make-over to the hallway in the middle school.

Some of the highlights we are looking at for next school year include hiring a Technology Integration Specialist, adopting a 1 to 1 iPad program in the high school, increased compensation for staff, remodeling the middle school and replacing several rooms in the high school area with a 21st Century Learning Commons.

In order to support these initiatives on an ongoing basis, it is important that we continue to increase our enrollment at the pace we have enjoyed over the past few years.  God has certainly blessed us with many new, Christian families.  As a board, we recognize our calling to share the gift of Christian education with other Christian families.  We also recognize an increased enrollment is a key to the success of the Vision 2015 plan.  As a body of Christ at CWC, it important that we continue to pray for God’s guidance as we seek to do his will.


What made Vision 2015 possible?

As a board, we have worked so much on Vision 2015 plan that we sometimes take it for granted how God has been working through this entire process.  In order to get to where we are today, there have been many key steps that He has put in place.

  • Step 1: Made a change in how we operate as a board
    • Most of the work is done at the committee level
    • We use Google Docs to study all the committee reports before the meetings
    • These changes have enabled us to spend a majority of our board meeting time on  visionary items
  • Step 2: CWC Board Retreat – Fall 2011
    • Ryan Zonnefeld spoke on student achievement, 21st Century Learning, the role of board members and strategic plannin
    • One of the recurring themes taken from this was “Good is the enemy of Great”
  • Step 3: New Mission Statement and Core Values
  • Step 4: Looking at how we move from “Good to Great”
    • We spent several board meetings brainstorming on this topic and keeping this work in our prayers
    • As a full board, we consolidated our ideas into one comprehensive list of initiatives
  • Step 5: We created an ad-hoc committee to review the Vision 2015 plan, prioritize and come up with a funding plan
  • Step 6: As a board, we have adopted the final Vision 2015 plan and have been basing our ongoing board and committee work on this plan


Teacher of the Week – Lynn Heeringa our 3rd Grade Teacher

This is my 10th year of teaching in the elementary classroom.   After graduating from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a degree in elementary education, I taught kindergarten for one year at Racine Christian School.  I then moved to Waupun.  During the next 5 years I spent two years teaching 1st grade, two years teaching 2nd… grade, and one year teaching 3rd grade at CWC.  I then took several years off to be a full time stay at home mom.  Four years ago, God opened doors and I was given the opportunity to return to CWC to teach third grade. I was born and raised in Racine and attended Racine Christian School.   My husband, Ed, is a CWC alumnus, and we have 4 children.  Matt graduated from CWC last year and is a freshman at Dordt College.  We have 2 children in high school at CWC.  Jon is a junior and Alyssa is a freshman.  Our youngest, Jenna, is in fourth grade.  We own and operate a dairy farm just outside of Waupun.   I’m thankful for the privilege of teaching at CWC, and I love spending my days with third graders!   What a blessing it is to see God’s plan unfolding in their young lives!